RESNOVAE PARTNERS FOR DEVELOPMENT has been built based on 4 important elements which are our strength and power, our ability to work and serve with reliability to our partners, our proper expertise to develop ideas and projects, because:

                       what we do is what you want to achieve!!!



Our team has a long experience working in both private and public sector, with a unique knowledge of private business, competitiveness, economic growth and business advisory. The expertise we offer includes facilitation of practical business advice, consulting SMEs in access to finance, relationship building and networking, self-coordination and organizational management, access to donor programs, legal assistance for business services and startups, etc.


We also gathered an impressive experience in working for the central and local government, collaborating with many national and international partners, coordinating several EU projects in all the fields of interest for parties, with private and local sector as well, acting as project leader or partner. What we may offer is the bridge we guide to you for a full project design, plan, develop and outsource, according to your idea, your goal of investment, your plans, your outputs that would like to approach. A perfect project design, build with high quality from the beginning is the key for a successful implementation of the project.


We can promote your project and your company in the best way we can! Our networking and presentation to the third parties, makes our relationship more durable and efficient. We can assess and evaluate perfectly your potential possibilities for development, innovation, management, paternity and success. Our team will assist, collaborate and support your staff, and returns you back with the strength to effort every eventual risks and challenges in the future, creating though the sustainable values of your company. 


Our staff has a consolidated experience on civil law, mainly on commercial law and human rights, with a multifaceted formation on creation/ startup/ establishand legal assistance for trading societies or local and foreign companies operating in Albania. We can manage the contractors with the affirmed competencies in the contract management or drafting contracts, donation agreements, memorandums, acting as representative for their assets in all the projects and the transactions in private and public use. In addition, we may support the marginalized and people in need for humanitarian aid as project facilitator.


What can RESNOVAE do for you?

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